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PUERTO LIMON, Costa Rica Black History Parade!

The Black History Parade is happening on August 31 in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

This is an annual parade that celebrates black history, culture, and beauty in a way that only Costa Rica can do.

The parade will take place in PUERTO LIMON, Costa Rica. You’ll be treated to live music and performances by local artists as well as other exciting activities throughout the day. You’ll also see some amazing outfits from people who are dressed in traditional African clothing or just their own creative spin on a traditional look.

And if you’re hungry after all that exciting activity, don’t worry: there will be plenty of delicious food available for purchase—everything from jerk chicken, fried plantains to the delicious rice and bean Caribbean style! This event isn’t one you want to miss, so mark your calendars now so you can join us at this year’s Black History Parade!

“Lo mejor de Limón es su gente | The best of Limón is it’s people.”


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